Monday, March 1, 2010

10 Resources to get Huge Money from Internet

These 10 Resources rushing Blog Entry bag was always without limit. Many things that seem impossible, but in fact can occur.

Before the internet was born, many people who just want to "live" only (not rich) have to be really draining sweat to work. From morning until evening and sometimes at night, they must wrestle with his work. Sometimes the results are worth it. Their time and energy spent to work just enough to eat perfunctory.

But now, so the internet was born, was not counted how many people are not only able to work because of this technology, but also can get rich quick without having to sweat. Not a bit of internet marketers who just lived clack-click the mouse and ran himself into pocket. Conducted in air-conditioned room with a body that can freely move. Not have to always be under the table like the one office. Sometimes the internet marketer is doing her holiday at the beach, the waves that roll-roll as well as the money rolled into the roll bag.

Such was the blessing of the internet. That can make someone who almost fell in the abyss begging suddenly dashed at the height of success.

I had a chance of success on the Internet is always open wide. Stay stick with it then you want to go or stay in a place like this forever.

The choice is entirely on you!

Okay. Now I will show you the way you can get rich through the blog. There are various sources of income that will continue to flow to meet your pocket.

1. Ad. This is probably the most common people do. And not a little too Indonesian bloggers who have received millions of dollars per month. Advertising program most widely used such as Google Adsense, WidgetBucks, and Text Link Ads.

2. Affiliate Program. Lots of affiliate programs you can follow. Such as Business Formula I manage that have helped thousands of people out of poverty. Or a foreign affiliate program that is good enough as Clickbank, Linkshare, Commission Junction, and Amazon.

3. Direct ad. You also have the opportunity to increase the coffers of money through direct advertising. That is, companies or institutions interested Promotion through your blog, can be advertised directly without intermediaries. You can pick up the ball by offering it to them. But of course they would not advertise origin. Stay also seen whether the high traffic to your blog, your blog visitors in accordance with the company's target market, and the image of your blog does not disturb the company's image.

4. Blog network. Join the blog network can increase your income. Usually blogs you follow the network will also share the revenue earned from advertising.

5. Selling Blog. You can create a blog with the purpose for resale. If your traffic is quiet high, usually much interested in buying. Abroad, this is already common. So you live for the blog, then sell at high prices. Then you live for a new blog to be developed again and sold again.

6. Sell merchandise. If your blog already has many fans, you could be making more money by selling merchandise that read your blog. For example the shape of T-shirts, mugs, or calendar.

7. Consultant Blog. You can become a consultant for people who intend to create a blog. You can install the tariff for each consultation. Abroad, this blog consulting profession is growing rapidly. And in our country, this profession has begun to pick up. By starting the growth of corporate blogs, you can target companies as potential clients you.

8. Seminar. You can make the world a seminar on the blog. Or a specific theme such as the blog you have. This is one way to reap even more money into your pocket.

9. Business Writing Blog. Because the content of blogs, especially writing, you can also make income opportunities. You can offer yourself to fill the blogs of others.

10. Writing in the mass media. Not just write on your own blog or blogs other people, you can write in the conventional media such as newspapers or magazines. You can include the profession as a blogger. You can also make a book about the world of blogs, or other themes. In addition to the more rapid flow of money, your name will also be more flying.

Very much a source of income you can make a blog? The principle is never satisfied with the income that you have got so far. Continue to create new sources. With creativity, you can certainly develop new income sources of the unexpected. By extending the source of the flow of money, but would increase the flow of money, you also minimize the risk of business failure.

Anybody want to add source of income at the top?